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Our Network

Z2Sixty Ventures’ strong knowledge of strategic roadmaps and investment trends across a broad range of technology subsectors is enhanced by a robust and diverse network.

This extended global network of accomplished individuals from top corporates, startups, academia, service providers and investment firms has been built over the last 20 years through Hernando’s advisory and investment experience in the sector as well as his engagement as a global alumni leader for the University of Chicago.

This deep knowledge and extensive network allows Z2Sixty to identify attractive investments, perform meaningful due diligence and help founders accelerate their growth.  Our global network differentiates us in critical ways by:

  • Providing our young companies with best-in-class guidance in foundational areas like business strategy, board governance, corporate finance, marketing, operations, engineering, recruitment, and team performance

  • Increasing access to funding

  • Facilitating introductions to potential customers

  • Identifying high-value exit opportunities and helping founders and teams prepare for them

Members of our network are independent professional advisors to Z2Sixty Ventures.  In some cases, advisors may have an equity or other economic interest in Z2Sixty Ventures or its portfolio companies.  Members of our network are not full time employees of Z2Sixty Ventures and do not make investment decisions on its behalf.

Featured Venture Advisors

Robert Bennett

Eric Lewis

Zach Debelak

Jonathan Speed

Lisa Hillier

Dave Weiner

Leif Jackson

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