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Robert Bennett

Robert R. Bennett is an innovative executive, engineer, author, and serial entrepreneur specializing in commercializing emerging technologies. Over the last 50 years, he has worked in detail on various new game changing technologies ranging from nuclear power, robotics, environmental engineering and hazardous waste management, and renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro). He brings a wealth of experience in starting, leading, launching, and building multinational companies. Bob started out his career at Westinghouse Electric Corporation and held various executive positions in the US and the United Kingdom.

As an advisor to startups, Bob has worked as a strategic development officer with the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer where Bob has evaluated over 150startups from universities and laboratories for investment potential. He is a mentor to the Military and Veterans Resource Center Entrepreneurial Accelerator and advises veterans on their startups. Bob has a BS in mechanical engineering from Northwestern University and is the holder of six full patents and 11 provisional patents.

On his free time, Bob enjoys working on the daily NY Times crossword puzzle. Bob and his wife live in Pensacola, Florida.


Robert Bennett
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