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Investment Focus

We are backing mission-driven founders and teams with world-changing ideas that are making a positive impact on society.  They are developing and utilizing key enabling technologies to build global businesses.  We recognize that recent technology trends in cloud computing, Big Data, artificial intelligence and mobile have laid the foundation for the next digital transformation of society.  In particular, we look for founders involved in the following areas:

  • Climate Tech: Building climate-smart infrastructure, electric transportation, and enabling energy transition

  • Ageing Society: Supporting and empowering an aging generation through technology

  • Fintech: Improving access to financial resources and education

  • Health Tech: Improving health, well-being and social connections  

Technology is at the heart of our investment focus in businesses seeking to make a positive impact.  In addition to the verticals mentioned above, we also look at hardware and software solutions that can be applied across industries.  

We invest in US-based companies typically at the pre-seed to Series A stage.

We use an ESG lens to identify both hidden gems and potential risks that may inhibit future growth and investment returns.  We believe positive ESG action will ultimately lead to higher financial returns.

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