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Our Approach to ESG

Z2Sixty Ventures looks for opportunities to support and influence positive, sustainable ESG outcomes alongside competitive financial returns. We are committed to incorporating strong ESG policies in the way we operate as a firm, how we conduct our investment and due diligence process, how we work with our portfolio companies, and how we work with our investors.  This is the standard that we hold ourselves to.

As part of our investment screening process, we exclude startups whose business activities would be deemed unethical, harmful to society, or in breach of laws or regulations.  

Our Responsible Investing Policy can be viewed here.

Our approach to ESG

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Time and time again, it’s been shown that the best investment opportunities come from teams that embrace a meritocratic culture. Diversity and responsible governance are key pillars for us and we demand the same of the companies that we invest in.

As a firm headed by a minority and immigrant founder, we have a strong appreciation for the value of engaging and promoting diverse perspectives. We recognize that ecosystems, communities, and start-ups are strengthened by involving everyone. 

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