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About the firm

About the firm

Who we are   

We are a relationship-oriented venture firm. Backed by enduring relationships with multi-disciplinary experts, we act as a partner and mentor to founders and their teams. We take the trust bestowed upon us seriously and work hard to ensure that we deliver.

What we do    

We invest at an early stage where the risk can be most challenging for a founder, but also the most rewarding for partnering and building long-term relationships with founders on their journeys.  For our financial partners, our investments provide the opportunity for better returns outside the public markets. We apply a rigorous approach to evaluating opportunities, prioritizing founders and teams with inquisitiveness and grit—attributes that also set Z2Sixty Ventures apart. Because we recognize and empathize that building and running a company is challenging, we identify thinkers and doers and help them dig deep to become leaders who inspire others, communicate a clear vision, and create high-performing teams and businesses.

How we do it    

We are super-connectors with strong, relevant industry relationships, and a world-class network at the ready. Frequent conversations with close contacts at large corporate, venture capital, private equity, angel networks, universities, and service providers are instrumental in our deal origination, operational support, due diligence, and ability to maximize exits.   



Team Paddle

Meaningful, productive relationships are among the keys to our success. At Z2Sixty Ventures, we uphold a set of cultural values that strengthen those connections day in and day out:

  • Teamwork: We place the team’s success above the individual’s interests

  • Excellence and reliability: We strive to do our best and create a high-performance culture

  • Integrity: We believe in always maintaining professional integrity

  • Global mindset: We apply a diverse and global mindset in order to achieve the best results

  • Authenticity and fairness: We uphold an ethical culture free of partiality and discrimination 

  • Transparency: We actively listen, encourage open discussion, and remain open-minded

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