The following private companies benefited from our advisory work or professional / angel investment prior to the formation of Z2Sixty Ventures.


Current Investments


Building an innovative battery solution to address multiple energy storage markets


A metaverse mobile gaming company that is merging digital and physical interactions


Enabling data science, product and business users to understand, analyze, validate and manage their AI solutions


Providing a clean, quiet mobile system for fast electric vehicle charging


Building adaptive, predictive software engines for hospitals and healthcare companies to identify patients at risk of a bad, avoidable medical outcome

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Building the seaglider: the first electric flying machine to transport commercial passengers


Providing the highest quality, most accurate AI training data


Provides a fully automated tax validation and compliance platform for financial institutions


A revenue-based financing solution for ecommerce merchants

Watch this page as there will be more to come from Z2Sixty Ventures soon.



Here are just a few of the founders whose businesses have advanced as a result of partnering with Z2Sixty

Ventures leadership:

“TAINA has benefited greatly from Hernando’s support at every stage of its scaling journey. Hernando takes a very proactive and thoughtful approach, which is very valuable in the context of a fast-growing business”

—Maria Scott, Founder & CEO, TAINA

“As a startup Co-Founder at Sigma AI, I'm sacrificing upper management stability (of sorts) to focus on a career that at its core is about creating a reality where I deploy innovation and solve the right problems in the right markets, and do it better than everyone else before the guy next to me eats my lunch. Trust, integrity, and a clever brain count for a lot in an opaque venture industry. Hernando has these qualities in spades. He has been able to make game-changing introductions for a young Series A company via his relationships, energy and enthusiasm, and sobering advice.”

—Steve Piekarczyk, CEO, Homeland.AI, CSO, Sigma AI, US Veteran